1.1 Organizational Leadership Assignment: New Perspectives on Leadership

1.1 Assignment: New Perspectives on Leadership
Compose a post that addresses the following:

Which leadership theories or frameworks presented in the organizational leadership program thus far have had the most impact on your understanding of leadership? Why? Define terms and concepts.
What about the human condition makes leadership both necessary and possible? Dive deep. Use concepts from Chapter 32 of the SAGE Handbook of Leadership to support your insights and ideas.
In Chapter 3 of the SAGE Handbook of Leadership, the authors discuss the difference between constructivist and essentialist views of leadership. Please define each and describe which view you subscribe to and why.

Submission Requirements

Your main post should be 300 -350 words.
APA (7th edition) citations and references are required. 
References Referequred
Minimum 5 citations from Sage Handbook and 2 of your choice
Sage Handbook attached