1. Do you think that community always gives rise to communion?

Journal Entry 1 Curriculum Mode: Summary Overview: Students are to answer both questions for journal entry. Students are to do the readings and watch the online lectures in order to compose their journal entries. These should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the relevant content, highlighting key concepts and theories, and where relevant the relationships between them. Use and read the Journal Entry to answer the questions. attached file (jaurA1). Answer both Questions: 1. Do you think that community always gives rise to communion? Please justify your answer with references to the reading 2. Would you prefer to live in a town where ’everybody knows everybody else’ or in a big city where you can remain anonymous? Please discuss your personal experiences with reference to the concepts and theories raised in the reading. write max 250 words. Advice and tips: – Read the question carefully! Read it at least three times – Make sure you answer the question directly – underline the keywords – Make sure you base your response on the reading(s). It is not good enough to write something off the top of your head, and then insert a reference here and there. – There needs to be a strong link between your response and the reading. – Answer BOTH questions – You can write in first person for the response to Q2 and you may do so for Q1 if you wish. What not to do? – Do not misinterpret the question. – Do not go off on a tangent talking about something else other than what is asked. – Do not copy big slabs of text from the readings and then write a few lines around them. Even if you direct quote and reference them correctly, this is pointless as anybody can copy and paste text. – Do not go over the word limit – it is 250 words to cover responses to BOTH questions. Please use the citations and references style as the same in the sample Journal entry.(uploaded)