1)The Racist Legacy of Canadas Residential Schools is still reflected in current policies by Alicia Elliot from The Washington Post:

1)    Complete the outline on pages 3 to 6 BEFORE writing your summary.
2)    Write in the third person (Dont use I, me, we, us, you, and your).
3)    Mention the authors full name ONCE. Use ONLY their last name for the rest of your summary.
4)    Include all the main points and important sub-points in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. Keep things in the order that the author discusses them.
5)    Ensure that, first and foremost, your summary addresses the main points, not extended examples or minor details. You are condensing, summarizing, more than paraphrasing. If you must paraphrase ONCE or TWICE, reword and resentence and include an APA in text citation after the paraphrase.
6)    Include only MAIN examples and ideas.
7)    Dont comment provide your opinion AT ALL. This is a summary NOT a response.
8)    Use reporting/signal verbs often reminding the reader of the author.