2-1 Assignment: Making Difficult Decisions Using Data

You should write using a professional voice, and any sourcesshould be cited according to APA style. Your assignment must be between 400 and800 words in length.
Company leaders need to keep a watchful eye on the economyand how micro- and macro-environments affect their business. Successful leadersare always a step ahead. They stay there by leading with data-driven decisionsthat allow their companies to anticipate and respond to challenges. In thismodule, youve learned how information is key in making decisions and solvingproblems; however, research and analytical skills are also needed to extractvalue from data. Information-gathering should align with research objectives.Qualitative and quantitative data alongside relevant and credible primary andsecondary sources are fundamental ingredients for informing good judgement.
In a report by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S.economy contracted at an annual rate of 4.8% in the first quarter of this year.For this assignment, you will take on the role of an HR manager at an airtransportation supply company. The company is currently struggling with asignificant loss of revenue and considering operational costs. You have beenasked to analyze employee performance over the last year and make sense of thedata.
Using a summary (provided below) of the companys employeesalaries, bonuses, and performance data, address the following rubriccriteria:

Interpretation: Discuss your interpretation of the data.

What questions emerge from your analysis of the data?
What story can they tell about the companys employees?

Analysis: Explain how the provided data helps you understand your employees and how the company is using its financial resources. Identify potential gaps or issues in the data.

What is the quantitative and qualitative data telling you? Are there any underlying issues or perspectives?
What is the data not telling you?
What additional primary and secondary sources would help the company make a decision?

Conclusion and related outcomes: Describe how you have used data to determine a strategy. Use evidence to support your explanations.

What would your strategy be if you were asked to recommend a 10% reduction in the budget?
How would you synthesize and defend your decision process?

The attached resource (BUS 225 Air Transportation Supplier HR Performance Data) will assist you as you complete the paper.