2.4. Module Assignment – The historical perspectives of aviation industry

Dear Students:
As you have read in the course syllabus, I am sure you are aware of the required assessments for this course. One of the required assessments is “Topic Analysis” and hence the guidelines for Topic Analysis – I and the details are given below:
Step 1: Read Chapters 1, 2, and 3 from your textbook: Wensveen, G. John. (2011). Air Transportation: A Management Perspective. 8th ed. Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing Company.
Step 2: Read the assigned study material: “A History of US Airline Deregulation” – A History of US Airline Deregulation.pdf
Step 3: Write an essay on the historical perspectives of aviation industry (1200 to 1500 words) covering the following sub-topics:

Early growth air transportation prior to deregulation of the US airlines industry
Seven reasons why airline regulation was removed in the US market
The effects of airline deregulation in the US (post 1979)
Major benefits and drawbacks of the US airline industry deregulation
Remaining regulatory constraints on the US airlines today

Note: This assignment carries 10% of your final grade (Grade Breakdown: Each sub-topic is worth 2 marks)