200425 Economics: Operationalising The Capability Approach

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ECON215-Canadian Economic Issues
Economics 215 Canadian Economic IssuesFinal assignment and PresentationPolicy requires data that gives the context.How many people may be impacted by the proposed policy? Are the changes in policylarge or small? Is there a pressing need addressed by the policy? How do we know?What …
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Short Term and Long Term Auto Industry Decisions

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Essay Length: not less than 2,000 words, and not more than 2,400. • At least 7 references • Citations in the right style (there are only two choices so consult my style guide); double line spacing; margins (c. 2.5 cm all round); list of references in the correct style; good font (a useful …
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Business Management
1.    We have described four factors of production: natural resources, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship.  Think of any restaurant you have ever been to:  Burger King, McDonalds, Pizza Hut or any other.a.    Write a list of some of the things used by that r …
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Table 1: GDP Data for Countries A and BCountry A$billionsCountry B$billionsHousehold Consumption 150 150Government Purchases 250 250Transfer payments 50 60Total Gross Fixed Capital Expenditures 50 150Change in Inventories 50 -50Exports 40 40Imports 20 20Consider the data in t …
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