2024 election

TOPIC: Who do you align with for the 2024 elections? Take the quiz below.
https://www.isidewith.com/elections/2024-presidential-quiz (Links to an external site.)

write a 175-200 word response to the result of the quiz(examples below)

write a 25-50 word response to one of the example responses below

example responses to this question
–For the 2024 elections, my views align with Stacey Abrams, which is what I expected. I am big for environmental regulation, which is something Abrams has touched on in the past. I believe in forming regulations to better the environment, especially because we have already done so much damage to our world that is past the point of no return, we need to start changing things now before it gets worse. Personally, I like Abrams because she is a go-getter, which is how I see myself. As someone who is very motivated, I would want someone leading the country who is motivated and wants to create change for the common good. I think that no matter who you side with politically, there is always thinking about the person as a whole and if they would be a good fit for any role that is thrown at them.

-Who do you align with for the 2024 elections?  I aligned with Kamala Harris. We both pretty have the same outlook on our life and how we feel about certain issues. For example should planned parenthood be funded by the government. Absolutely, there are so many women that it here who physically need help with parenthood and might have issues or problems they need to be checked and answered and if they cannot afford that, they could be in danger with their life. Also with abortion, it is one of my biggest topics. I am pro choice because I feel abortions are used for many reasons for women’s needs. Some women who simply cannot raise a baby, or has been raped should be able to have an abortion without feeling guilty. Its their body, its their choice. Kamala really looks out for the community for its rights and finds ways to take care of the issues. Thats why I see why the results showed similarities.