2nd version – Impact of Environmental Laws and Policies on Carbon Reduction

For the slides please include:– methodology; must include variables, raw data (screenshot will suffice; the professor would like to see it), the modelNote: if the time period (i.e. 1947-2021) is too long, can change it to a shorter period (say 10 years) (the professor said our presentation can be different from what we stated in the previous research proposal – see attached); is it possible to add one more dependent variable so to use a multiple regression model?– results: must include computer output (use excel – ANOVA, examples attached just in case )– conclusion and implications (incl limitation of research if any)– references
I don’t have the raw data with me…
Speaker notes:– appreciate if you can include a scriipt-like explanation of how I can explain results (see attached )
Thanks so much! Really appreciate it!