3d concrete printing in construction.

Identify a contemporary or leading edge design, product or concept (DPC) that has the potential for significant societal impacts if widely deployed. Your Social Impact Analysis Capstone Paper must provide formal research references to support the paper’s content and conclusions on your chosen topic. Your literature resources might be scientific and engineering journal articles, popular publications, patents, copyrights, etc. You must use one of these standard citation styles (APA, MLA, Turabian, or Chicago) to cite your sources. Using Microsoft Word makes it very easy to create appropriate citations using one of these standards. You may use the Internet to do your research, but if you do, you must cite the source including a hyper link.
Example: Philosophy of Technology. Retrieved January, 2013, from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Web site: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/technology/
Your SIA Capstone Paper will require you to demonstrate originality and critical thinking about the ethical implications of your chosen topic.

The suggested outline for the SIA Term Capstone paper is provided in the link to the PDF file below. 


Your topic proposal must be approved before submitting the final version of your paper.
The paper must be a minimum of 2000 words in length including references.
It must be submitted as a Word or PDF document using the SafeAssign link below. SafeAssign will return an originality report that indicates the percentage of your paper’s text that is similar to or identical to other published work. The smaller the originality percentage the more original your paper. Quoting another author’s words significantly increases your originality percentage and reduces your term paper score. A 0% originality score is as good as it gets. An excellent originality score is less than 10%. Scores in the range of 10% to 20% are typical. Scores greater than 20% will receive a substantially reduced score following the grading rubric.
Anything you quote and/or paraphrase must be cited. Please use the citation style above you are most comfortable with.  Papers that lack appropriate citation will be heavily penalized.
Your references must include both 1) In-text citation and 2) works cited references at the end of your paper.
You may use the Internet to do your research, but if you do, be sure to cite the source including a hyper link.
Your paper must be clearly organized and include headers for the major sections.
You may submit revised papers a maximum of 5 times until the due date; however, you will only receive feedback on your final submission. Only the last submission will be graded.