4.1 technology

Technology, especially social media, has opened the world to instant methods of communication. For many adolescents, their primary means of staying connected with others and the world is through social media. However, there may be a downside to technology use. Parenting specialists debate the question, “Have smartphones destroyed a generation?” A popular documentary called “Screenagers” discusses the ‘dangers’ of screentime and warns parents to limit exposure. 
In your opinion, do you think there should be limits on the amount of screentime for adolescents? Explain why or why not? Include a discussion of the pros and cons of technology use by adolescents. Address the impact of screentime on behavior, mood, and other relevant aspects of adolescent development.
A related issue is whether or not increased exposure to violent media leads to violent behavior. In your opinion, is exposure to violent media harmful to the developing adolescent? Explain your response.
When considering the answers to these questions, it is important to review scientific research on this topic. Support your response with research findings from (2) scholarly articles. Summarize the findings and state how they support or refute your opinion.