404 Mini assessment FPR edit

Please edit the specific part in the screenshot and the comment below , please full fill the Information need based on your research or the paper has already provided.   

Hope you are well.
I have re-read your submission and have the following comments in addition to Peter Chen’s (TA) comments. 
He wrote: Good overview of WPP and some of its processes
– The 3 areas identified seem generic and do not have a lot of details. Hard to see how it connects directly back to what you discussed prior. They just seem very general that can apply to any business discussion around improvements. (interpersonal communication, information sharing, and knowledge sharing)

In the slides I shared in class and are on Q, I show three examples: product failure, customer complaint and new opportunity. It is the collaboration processes around these types of subjects that I am looking for. There are identified steps that required different people to collaborate to achieve an outcome our output.

In the case of an advertising agency, it could be the planning of a product launch campaign for a client. Different parties get together to decide how best to make it effective…..brand manager, media, buyer, social media expert, etc. 
These people then use interpersonal communication, information sharing, and knowledge sharing to achieve their objectives. They are tools, not the processes I am looking for.