a celebrity covered frequently in the media who has experienced a public relations crisis in the past five years

Overall Format (points deducted for mistakes)

One-inch margins
Every line double-spaced
The first line of every paragraph indented one-half inch
Uses direct quotes only if the wording is especially compelling
Three pages long 

Spelling and Grammar (points deducted for mistakes)

Attention-getting opening statement relevant to your paper
Purpose and topic of your paper
Credibility-builder: How you learned about this topic (be specific) and why you care
The thesis statement that presents the main conclusion (not just the topic) of your paper
A preview statement that lists (in order) the main points you will present in support of your thesis statement 

Main Points

A series of paragraphs, each devoted to one main point. 
Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that summarizes the main point to be developed. (You should own the first sentence of every paragraph. In other words, do not cite anyone in the first sentence. Instead, orient the reader to what is to come with an overview statement in your own words.) 
You must discuss what you feel was the root cause that led to the controversy
Describe how the controversy was covered in traditional media (TV, Newspapers, Magazines, etc.) and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).  
Once the problem/history is complete, report any actions that were undertaken by the individual or agent/company representing them to reduce the negative effects of the situation.
Create a section with advice you feel could have helped manage the celebrity controversy with citations/proof showing how your advice would work.


A summary of your main points (be specific)
Your analysis of the most important lessons
How we might use this information in the future

Reference List (points deducted for mistakes)

At least three trustworthy, primary sources in proper APA format. (You may use additional sources for anecdotal information and examples, but do not generalize from that data.)
All sources cited in the paper are in the reference list, and all sources in the reference list are cited in the paper