A Colorful Picnic with Photosynthesis and RuBisCO on the menu

For this weeks discussion we will look at a case study on photosynthesis. The case study examines photosynthetic pigments, photosynthetic pathways and the environmental factors that affect plants. Watch the following videos and then read through the attached case study.
Why are leaves green p1
Why are leaves green p2
Why do leaves change color in fall?
C3 & C4 Growing Temperatures
Read through the attached case study rubisco_flip.pdf and answer any 5 questions found in the case study. You must answer at least 1 question from each section. If you use materials outside of the case study document to answer your questions (which is necessary for some questions) make sure to include a reference. Write your post in a narrative format based on your answers to the questions. Make sure to include the section and question numbers in your post so we know which questions you are answering.