A new man Edward P Jones

At the beginning of “A New Man,” Woodrow is very closely connected to his father. Like his father, Woodrow values work and, without much empathy, impresses these values on his daughter. Woodrow, too, does not seem to place much value on personal relationships. By the story’s end, however, Woodrow is more interested in searching for his runaway daughter than anything else. Keeping in mind why he enjoys searching for his daughter, how does Woodrow change throughout the story? In what ways does Woodrow end up a “new man?” In what ways does he remain like his father? In responding to this prompt, you should not simply state that Woodrow does or does not become a new man. There are, of course, ways in which he does change and ways in which he does not. Your essay should explore Woodrow’s character throughout the story and make a claim about how he changes.