A new presidential administration.

A new presidential administration. President Biden and Vice President Harris have come into their offices at an extraordinary point in time – after a contested election, in the middle of the largest health crisis in at least 100 years, and in an unprecedented time of economic chaos and widespread unemployment and job loss.
A Pew Research poll asked voters of all political persuasions which issues they thought it was most important for the incoming presidential administration to address, and the top priority choices were (these are not listed in any order):  Economy, Health Care, Violent Crime, Economic Inequality, Climate Change, Coronavirus Outbreak, Immigration, Racial Equality, Police Reform, Foreign Policy, Crime, the Supreme Court, and Unification of the US.
Your assignment for this discussion is to select what would be for you the top five priorities for President Biden to address; as you have selected these priorities, please explain why you think each of the five is important and any thoughts you have about how the issue should be addressed.