a specific issue related to the Internet & Society

help to choose the topic
Write a paper in which you use ideas from our readings in Unit II to develop a research
project on a specific issue related to the Internet & Society. Our readings have offered awide range of viewpoints on this issue with regard to whether the cybernetics can create apost-human free from the restrictions of matter, and how such relations with cybernetics,and cyborgs puts human consciousness in a continual feedback loop that grows deeper themore we interface with social networks and other algorithmically driven platforms likeTender and other dating networks (see Witt). Weve looked at how capitalism hasinfluenced the Internet and whether such a market driven Internet has helped, or hurtsociety (see McChesney). Our readings from feminist (see Penny) consider how theInternet encourages misogyny and promotes patriarchy. Our last readings on the Internetwill look at how the Internet affects cognitive dissonance (see Carr).Your purpose in Paper #2 is to devise entirely your own argument about your chosensubject, using both course material and research sources to support your ideas. Thus, Paper#2 requires that you present a clear, informed position on a narrowly-defined topic of yourchoice.

since this is a research paper