A topic in Police Personnel Administration

 Course Requirements: Paper Topics in Police Personnel Administration (100 pts)Explore an issue, controversy, or problem in law enforcement or society that is connected to police personnel administration/human resources. Explain how one or more of the various personnel practices as discussed in the course can mitigate the issue you have chosen. The best papers will have: A strong thesis Support from:o Datao Peer-reviewed research o Examples from current events. Recommendations A summary. Expectation for the paper: Write a ten-page paper with a minimum of eight (8) references other than your textbooks. The paper will have a cover sheet, which is not included in the 10 pages, and will not have a page number on it. Ten pages is a maximum; there is no minimum length, but papers significantly under 10 pagers are unlikely to fully explore a topic to the level required in a masters class.Abstracts and Running Heads are not required; if you include them, make sure they are correct. For maximum credit most references should be books or scholarly articles that support your argument. Pages will be numbered starting at the page 2 (first page of the actual paper). The