A good paper should be six to eight pages or be between 2,000 to 3,000 words.
Here is the case study information 
Abortion Case Study
This is the case study information that you will respond to in your paper.
.           Mary is a forty-five-year-old married mother of three (the children are sixteen, twelve, and six). She finds out she is pregnant and at six months of pregnancy is told that her unborn child has a birth defect which will make it unlikely that the child will be able to live a normal life. (The child will require lifelong medical care).
            In a family discussion the topic of abortion comes up. Mary has a slightly elevated risk of complications due to her age and health. The child, will likely live to a normal age and will struggle to meet daily needs and will have diminished mental capacity. The additional cost of caring for the child may jeopardize the financial security of the family.
Your paper will have the following four sections.
A good paper should be six to eight pages or be between 2,000 to 3,000 words.
In the introduction you will describe the facts of the case. Your paper should be able to be picked up and read by someone who does not have the description I provided for you above. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE MY DESCRIPTION INTO YOUR PAPER. Make sure you include relevant information about the family in the introduction. You should be able to do this in two to three paragraphs.
You may use SOME, not a lot, of artistic license with your description of the family situation. The main point of this section is to demonstrate to me that you understand the relevant conditions of the case and introduce another reader to the situation of the family.
Issues with Abortion
            This section will include two parts. Frist, general ETHICAL issues with abortion. Second, specific issues related to this case study. REMINDER, this paper is an ethics paper. Pro-Life and Pro-Choice are political positions, not ethical positionsDo not use them in this paper. This paper is also not about legal issuesdo not discuss legal issues with abortion in this paper.
            Some of the General Issues with Abortion that you must address are the following. 1) When does human life begin? (Somewhere from conception to sometime after birth). 2) Do the unborn have any rights? And/or Do we (as a society) have any moral obligations to the unborn? 3) What amount of autonomy does a woman have over her body and does she have any obligation to any unborn she may be caring? 4) Is an unborn human a separate being from its mother? (why or why not)
            Some of the Specific Issues with this Case Study that you must address are the following. 1) How does the age and marriage of the parents have in the decision-making process? 2) Since this is an established family with children at various stages of emotional development, how does the family makeup effect the situation? Since the existing children are expecting a new sibling, what influence does this make when considering an abortion? 3) How does the financial situation of the family influence the decision? 4) How does the expectation of caring for a special needs child influence the decision?
            This section should be several pages. Make sure you address each of the issues in a thoughtful manner and include any other issues that you think are relevant to the situation.
Ethical Course of Action
            This section is where you tell me what the ethical choice is. You must take a position that you will provide arguments for in the next section. This section is not a long one, one to two paragraphs.
            DO NOT claim that Mary should do whatever she decides to do. Your job in this assignment is to tell me what Mary SHOULD do. You will claim that the ethical choice for Mary is to either have or not have an abortion. 25% of your grade on this assignment is taking a position on this argument. Too many students try to avoid making a claim as to what the ethical choice is. You may claim that Mary should have an abortion or that she should not have an abortion and earn all of you points for this section. If you do not make an ethical truth claim, however, you will not earn your points for this section.
            The final section of the paper should be the second longest (maybe two pages). This is where you will provide arguments for why your Ethical Course of Action is correct. Here I will evaluate your arguments. You should attempt to use types of arguments that we have studied in the course so far and any you may have found in your research. If you borrow arguments from others please cite your sources so that you do not plagiarize.
Include a Works Cited page at the end of your paper and I would prefer a title page. The Title page and Works cited page do not count toward the length of your paper