African American History

This exam is a take home exam in which you will write an essay in response to the prompt set out below.  Your essay should be 7-8 pages in length, double spaced.  I expect your essay to have an argument that responds to the question and is supported by evidence.  For evidence, you are to use only material from this course (readings and lecture); do not use outside materials.  You are to cite your sources.  You may make parenthetical citations no need for footnotes.  For readings, please cite the author or title of the document as well as the page number.  For lecture material, please cite the date or title of the lecture, if possible.  The essay is due by midnight on Wednesday, October 20th.  You will be graded in two main areas; 1) your knowledge of the material and 2) your ability to present an effective argument. (A schematic for how I will grade the exam is provided below). Please note that spelling and grammatical errors will detract from the effectiveness or your argument.  Remember that while I want you to have an argument, I also want you to consider and discuss evidence that may support the counterargument.   In other words, be a judge, not a lawyer.  Finally, please keep in mind that the arguments should be YOURS and not those of Berlin or any of the other historians I have discussed in class.
Write an essay in response to the following prompt:
So far the course has focused a lot of revolutions of various sorts.  In the time period that we have studied so far, which set of revolutions had a greater impact on the lives of people of African descent: 1) the plantation revolutions centered on staple crop production, or the 2) or the ideology and wars of the Age of Revolutions)? Explain.