Agriculture and comparing old buildings.

Compare any THREE of the sacred buildings we have studied: the Parthenon, early Christian basilicas, the Great Mosque of Cordoba, and Chartres Cathedral. How does each reflect the civilization that produced it? Use evidence drawn from both formal and contextual analysis in your answer.
heres some info about this that u can use for the essay. Do not copy word for word.When comparing the pantheon with the Early Christian Basilicas it’s clear that the Early Christian Basilicas are a more modern model for religious Architecture.The Parthenon is the original model for religious agriculture.
Comparing them similarities-Both have columns-Both columns have capitals-Both columns are holding something above them.-Both symmetrical-Both geometrical-Both can be fully built and critiqued using only using simple geometric shapes.
differencesThe basilicas are like the Parthenon but inside out.instead of spaced-out columns being separated on the exterior of this building the detailing of the columns lay within the interior of the Early Christian Basilicasfunction of the pantheon was to house Christian basilicas were built to not to House God but also to worship the God.The Parthenon is Extroverted whereas the Early Christian Basilicas are Introverted.Parthenon was decorated on the outside and worship was held outside whereas the Early Christian Basilicas is more heavily detained on the inside and the worshipping takes place on the inside as well.Chartres Cathedral
where was it built? It’s in a town which is an Urban settingwhy was it built? story – earlier churches were built but they were damaged by fire and the existing church burned to the ground. 1194 – 1221 it’s pointy on the outside vertical, tall they also have columnswhat is it used for THEY ARE CATHEDRAL WHICH MEANS THE BISHOPS’ CHURCH
The Basilica became the standard layout for western Christian Churches