Airline Change Fee Policy Decision Table

First, read the highlighted portion of the attached Module 1 Simulation Transcriipt for the backstory of “Eagle Aviation”. Then read the attached Module 4 Simulation Transcriipt for the scenario & decision that needs to be made regarding Eagle Aviation’s change fee policy. (Regarding step 3, the leadership role that I selected was Chief Diversity Officer)
Once you’ve read both transcriipts, please fill out the attached decision table with your policy recommendations and justifications. (I requested 550 words but if it takes much more than that, let me know and I will pay the extra.)
You will need to add a couple of sources to the table.
This week’s module readings:Kahneman, Daniel, Sibony, Olivia, & Sunstein, Cass R. (2021). Noise A Flaw in Human Judgment.– Chapter 7 – Occasion Noise– Chapter 8 – How Groups Amplify Noise– Chapter 10 – Noiseless Rules– Chapter 11 – Objective Ignorance– Chapter 12 – The Valley of the Normal