an APA format essay for my public health class

I have started writing the essay:

Childhood hunger can contribute to many negative impacts on children all across the World. Starvation can affect a child’s focus in school, worrying about their next meal can cause stress and anxiety, and lack of food access for children affects their physical development. Over 22,000 children sadly pass due to extreme hunger, coupled with extreme poverty; many families living below the poverty line, meals are a second thought.

School-aged childhood hunger is a health issue because it affects numerous communities, particularly impoverished communities like Black and Brown neighborhoods. Hunger is a global crisis. Also, lack of food access can cause many complications in children’s adult lives: like an unhealthy relationship with food which could lead to a cycle of weight, nutrition, and overall body health issues.

Public health can improve this issue correspondingly to the article. By doing continual studies and surveys on communities with a high number of children and from data create local food security and drop-off programs to keep these children nourished to help alleviate some of the pressure off families that can’t afford to feed everyone. Another way Public Health professionals can address this problem is by,