An essay about Homer, Heraclitus, Thucydides and Lucretius

I need an essay in less than 6 hours for a class in college. I study in a foreign country, hence English is not my first language. I need a writer who is going to follow the instructions clearly and write a professional essay without making it seem too professional. It should not look too simple as well. The essay should have an easy to follow structure which includes everything the professor is looking for in the instructions. It should have 3-4 quotes from Illiad (quotes should not be too long), 1 quote from Heraclitus, and 1 quote from Thucydides. My professor is very stingy with his grades and he can get very suspicious. So, I’m going to ask you one more time to follow the instructions carefully and hand me an essay with no spelling or gramatical errors without making it look too professional.

The quoting style should be like “bla bla bla” (writer, page number). The reason I’m telling this is because once, there was a problem about this and I don’t want it to be like that again.
The quotations in the essay can only be from the attached files.
This is an obvious one but I think it’s beneficial to mention; we upload the files to turnitin so it should be an original work of yours.
And lastly, the structure of the essay should be like: the introduction paragraph where everything is summarized and explained, a couple body paragraphs where the instructions are followed clearly, and a last paragraph where everything is summarized. You can add one of the quotations to the introduction paragraph. But majority of them should be in the body paragraphs.