Theories are constructed and developed by nursing theoriststo describe and explain phenomena in nursing. Nursing science and developmentof the profession of nursing relies on this process to expand the understandingof what nursing is and what nursing does. The purpose of this assignment is toexplore how a theorist explicates their philosophy and thoughts and thendevelops their theory based on testing and use in practice. An evaluation ofthe theory will make clear its usefulness to nursing practice, leadership,and/or education.

In this assignment, you are going to explore how a nursetheorist of your choice created their theory. You will become the theoristimmersing yourself in the writings from the earliest mentioned to the mostcurrent literature. Writing in the voice of the theorist (taking on the personaof the theorist), you will create the theory through the following four stages.
In the first stage, theorizing occurs. This iswhere you, as the theorist, identify the concepts of what nursing is and isnot. Perhaps you questioned what concepts were guiding those in nursingpractice and then started to question your role. You started askingyourself, Where am I in nursing, and where the profession is going? Isthere some overarching understanding that guides the professional in his or herpractice? This is where you recognize that a theory is needed.
In the second stage, syntax is developed. Thisis where you will define the terms, explain relationships between the terms,and examine their expansion. Syntax development is an evolution. Consider, forexample, Jean Watson. She starts by defining the word caring. Within the lastseveral years, she has refined her terminology changing the term caring tocaritas and identified the relationships between terms. This demonstrates agrowth and maturation from decades of research she and other scholars did to producethe theory of caring.
The third stage is theory testing. Here,the theorists and other researchers consider whether this theory helps answerquestions that arise in nursing. This is where your theory is used by awidening group of researchers. For example, graduate nursing students requestto use the tool you developed while testing your theory in an area of nursing.
The fourth and last stage is evaluation.This is where the theory is used in practice with the goal of improvinghealthcare. It is evidenced in the development of policies, procedures and bestpractice standards that have evolved from theory implementation.

Assignment Details

Begin your paper with an introductory paragraph that describes why you chose this theorist. First person voice (I, me, etc.) is acceptable in this paper.
Write in the first person voice (I, me, our, etc.) as the theorist. For example: I, Dr. Jean Watson, found that caring was a core concept of how I viewed nursing. To me, caring is the essence of nursing.
Use the four stages (theorizing, syntax, theory testing, and evaluation) to explain how your theory was developed and used in nursing.
In the first (theorizing) stage, provide the historical context that influenced the theorists thinking.
In the second (syntax) stage, describe the development of the concepts and statements.
In the third (theory testing), provide two (2) examples of research examining the theory.
In the fourth (evaluation), provide three (3) examples of how the theory has been used in practice and a brief evaluation of the theory.
Consult the Grading Rubric for this Assignment found in the course resources for further detailed expectations.

Assignment Requirements

Provide a minimum of five (5) sources (no older than 5 years, must be peer-reviewed journals) of support.
Utilize spelling and grammar check to minimize errors.
Do not use direct quotes.
Your writing Assignment should:

follow the conventions of Standard English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.);
be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful;
display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics; and
use APA 7th Edition for format and style.

Criteria 1 Introduction
Relates purpose of the assignment.Contains more than five sentences.Provides relevant information about the topic.Uses scholarly peer-reviewed sources as support.
Criteria 2 – Stage 1: Theorizing
Relates theorists beginning beliefs about nursing.Examines what nursing is and what nursing is not according to the theorist.Uses scholarly peer-reviewed sources as support.
Criteria 3 – Stage 2: Syntax
Relates more than three terms or concepts of the theory tothe goal of the theory.Uses scholarly peer-reviewed sources as support.
Criteria 4 – Stage 3: Theory testing
Examines two research articles from different areas offocus that evaluate the premise of the theory.Uses scholarly peer-reviewed sources as support.
Criteria 5 – Stage 4: Evaluation
Evaluates the theory using three or more criteria.Provides three or more examples (articles) of how practice was improved usingthe theory.Uses scholarly peer-reviewed sources as support.
Criteria 6 ConclusionSummarizes the main ideasContains more than five sentences.Uses scholarly peer-reviewed sources as support.
Criteria 7 – Writing and APA format