Analysis of self care routines prior to and during the covid 19 pandemic

The paper is for my psychology
220 class and it requires a apa format. We created a group survey that
was given to our class based on our topic and we are supposed to analyze
Paper Requirements Psych 220 General Instructions • You may NOT work with another student on writing your paper. • Your work must be entirely original. Plagiarized papers will receive a zero. • Review the instructions for writing papers in the APA Manual to make sure you are following APA style. • Paper should be typed, double spaced, and properly formatted. • Submit the paper in Canvas where you will upload your paper into Turnitin.
Contents—these sections must be included and properly formatted 1. Title page (page 1) 2. Abstract (page 2) 3. Introduction (page 3): labeled with the title of the paper NOT the word Introduction a. Follow the funnel format b. Describe the basic research question c. Summary of one-two peer reviewed articles as they pertains to current problem one peer reviewed article required for paper 1 and two required for paper 2 d. State the purpose of present study e. State the prediction for present study 4. Method a. Participants: number, gender, source, motivation for participating and any other relevant information. b. Materials: brief description of record sheet, survey, or other materials c. Procedure: how participants were selected (e.g., haphazard sampling), step-by-step breakdown of instructions given to participants, how data were collected etc… 5. Results a. Refer to a figure and include a description of the figure in words b. Present descriptive and/or inferential statistics 6. Discussion a. Follows upside-down funnel format b. Restate prediction c. Description of findings in words not numbers d. Interpretation of findings (was it what was predicted or not?) e. Relate back to original research question and back to peer reviewed articles f. Suggestions for future experiments or practical implications 7. References (on a new page) 8. Figure (on a new page; either hand or computer drawn is fine). Paper Requirements Psych 220