Analyze 3 Experiment’s

Step 1: Find three different articles where researchers used the same type of research methodology to conduct an experiment. ALL ARE QUASI EXPERIMENTS

Step 2 : Prepare the overview of these articles. Include the following

A brief summary of the study
A one paragraph explanation of the background in the field leading up to the study, and the reasons the researchers carried out the project.
The significance of the study to the field of psychology
A brief discussion of supportive or contradictory follow-up research findings and subsequent questioning or criticism from others in the field

Step 3: Use 

EXCEL SPREADSHEET attached for the 3 experiments

Step 4: Reflect on the following in your paper:

What information did the original study provide that the other reports of the research did not?
Do you feel that this information was necessary for the general public to know or that such information could be reserved for the expert reader?
What may have been left out in the secondary reports of the study that may have been misleading?
In the future, when and in what way do you think you will utilize each of these types of information about psychological studies?