Analyze passage from Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

1.Briefly summarize the context of the passage (what is going on in the plot of the novel where the passage occurs) and describe why you have decided to focus on this passage. 2.As you analyze the passage, quote sentences and phrases that you find particularly interesting, especially ones that suggest metaphorical meanings related to the ideas of the Gothic and the uncanny that we have been discussing in class. For example, you might sense that the language of the text is foreshadowing something ominous to come in the plot of the novel or in the relationships between characters; you might notice double meanings in the way the language is written that suggest multiple interpretations of the meaning of the passage; you might feel that something unspoken or difficult to articulate is being suggested by the language of the passage, such as anxiety in the narrator or some repressed meaning or inexpressible desire; you might notice a relationship between the character’s experience of another character or of unfamiliar spaces. Remember, the Gothic is full of secrets and hidden chambers and the home of the self is always divided. Look for hints of the “unconscious” of the text, as if the novel were a dream and you have been asked to interpret it.
Finally, after you have analyzed the language and possibilities of meaning in the passage, write down any questions that the passage raises for you.