Analyze your family of orientation.

I want you to analyze your own family. If you are married, you can analyze your family of procreation (the family you marry into). If you are not married, you can analyze your family of orientation (the family you are born into). ( I’m Not married)This mini-project should be approximately 2-3 pages, double spaced, using regular 12 point font. Be sure to use proper spelling and grammar and complete sentences.
For your project, analyze your family. How do various forms of social inequality (disparities in race/class/gender) shape your family and family time? How does work influence the time that you can (or can’t) spend together? How does class affect your family? (are people working at the same time? Who is minding the children? Are extended family relied on?) How are sex and gender at play in family relationships and interactions? How do people in your family act out their femininity and masculinity? How does race affect your family size, shape, and interactions? What particular cultural practices reflect your family’s ethnicity? How does the spatial distribution of your house reflect various patterns of inequality, including age, gender, income, and so on?