Anatomy of a Genocide

This is a very broad prompt and to be able to write this paper you MUST have a copy of “Anatomy of Genocide” The Life and Death of a Town Called Buczacz by Omer Bartov. While the prompt is up to your interpretation, an original argument must be formulated based on the readings of the book with sharp analysis and supporting evidence. I must remind you, I attend an Ivy League. The difference between an A and a B is tremendous. I need someone with extraordinary analysis interpreation as well as someone with an extensive use of vocabulary.

Here is all the information that I was provided:
Response paper 2, option 2, due Nov. 16: Omer Bartov, Anatomy of a Genocide.. Reading questions are not provided; students should develop their own.

Develop your own reading questions and provide an argument with a highly formulated thesis and back up this argument with context from the book.