Ancient Roman Architecture Assignment

For over 400 years, Roman emperors left their mark in Rome by commissioning monuments to leave as a legacy of their power. These monuments demonstrate the latest developments in Roman engineering, the finest craftsmanship and use of materials, and innovations in different styles and functions of architecture.
From the list below, choose one of the monuments and watch the video associated with it. Then, using information from this video in addition to information from your textbook, the PowerPoint, and any additional Google searches, fully answer the following questions:
1) What is your architectural monument?
2) Describe the structural methods used in the construction of the building. (arches, columns, vaults, etc.)3) Which emperor commissioned the construction of the building/monument and why?
4) What is the monument’s purpose? Describe how it would have been used or viewed in its day.
5) Describe any innovative engineering and/or structural elements and how/why they were used.
6) Describe the decorative and symbolic elements of the building/monument.
Your response should be at least 1/2 page, single spaced.
Colosseum Colosseum (Links to an external site.)
Pantheon Pantheon (Links to an external site.)
Trajan’s Column Column of Trajan (Links to an external site.)Arch of Constantine Arch of Constantine (Links to an external site.)
Arch of Constantine Arch of Constantine