Animal Paper- Must know Psychology-Animal Behavior

Scientists are finding new species every year. While some of them live in remote environments, others have been found in large urban cities. While you can’t travel to faraway lands in the hopes of finding a new species, you can use what you have learned this semester to create a new species of your own. For this assignment, you will create your own animal and demonstrate your understanding of the following concepts: the animal’s basic needs (e.g., what does this animal eat, what does it need in its habitat), adaptations that help it survive and reproduce in its environment (e.g., physical traits and behavioral traits, mating behaviors/systems), how it interacts with the world around it (e.g. cooperation, communication), and examples of when it is a predator and when it is prey.  As part of your paper, you should include a written description as well as a drawing (you will not be judged on artistic ability). You should also include scholarly sources (e.g., textbook, journal articles) and only scholarly sources in APA format.
Please see attached rubric for guidelines on how the assignment will be graded.