Annotated Bibliography

The annotated bibliography can follow the simpleexample below or you can find examples in an APA or MLA style guide. Eachannotated bibliography in your original post will include three citations whichwill be formatted according to the example below and posted as your originalpost of Discussion Board III.
Number each annotated bibliography of youroriginal post 1-3.

1: Duhaney,P. (2021). Criminalized Black Womens Experiences of Intimate Partner Violencein Canada. Violence Against Women, 107780122110357.
2: Sweet,P. (2018). The Paradox of Legibility: Domestic Violence and InstitutionalSurvivorhood. Social Problems, 66(3), 411-427.
3: Taylor,J. (2020). Structural Racism and Maternal Health Among Black Women. JournalOf Law, Medicine & Ethics, 48(3), 506-517.