Annotated Digital Source

 Annotated Digital Source
Number of Sources:         1
Length:                               1 Page
Value:                                 100 Points
Title:                                   Not required
Format:                               Single or Double-Spaced (Your Choice)
Documentation:                None (No MLA, APA, Chicago Style, etc.)
For Paper 3, please write an annotation to one digital source of your choice.  An annotation is a summary.  Imagine that you are talking to someone and describing a movie that you saw streamed.  You would almost certainly describe the plot.  That description is a summary.  An annotation is a summary, too. So “annotation” and “summary” are close synonyms.
You may choose any digital source that you like.  It may be on any topic.  Choose a source that deals with a topic of interest to yourself.  It does not have to be academic.  Current events from the news work well.  Your source must be digital and may be found on a social media platform, the Internet, You Tube, a video, blog, or podcast.  This list is not complete, so use your best judgment.  (Please do not use academic sources from databases in libraries at other colleges and universities that you may have access to, since I cannot access them.)  If you cannot decide whether a source works or not in terms of this assignment, please email me, and I will help you:

Once you have found a source, copy and paste the link into the top of your paper.  Then, under the link, summarize (annotate) what that source says.  Your summary (annotation) should be one paragraph of approximately 7-14 sentences.  I would say that anything under 7 sentences is too short, and that a paragraph over 14 sentences is too long.  So please use those length parameters in terms of your total number of sentences.
1. Your summary (annotation) should touch on all the main points raised in your source. 
2. Your summary (annotation) allows me to understand what the source says without having to read, watch, or listen to it
3. Your summary (annotation) should accurately capture what the source says (do not interpret the source or offer your opinion about it).
4. Find that perfect balance between too much information and not enough information in your summary (annotation); that’s the challenge of this assignment.  (Keep the paragraph/annotation length requirement of 7-14 sentences in mind.)