ANT208 Anthology Essay

Students will complete a take-home essay. I will announce the questions in class on October 8th, 2021. Students will choose to answer 2 of 3 questions about the readings in the first half of the course. The answer to each question should be around 700 words. I will evaluate answers based on the quality of writing and the completeness of the answer, showing a knowledge of the articles being engaged. Students will have Fall reading week to complete the assignment.Reading 1 :What is Everyday Life?

Berlant, L. & K. Stewart. (2019). The Hundreds. Duke University Press.
Reading 2 :What is the Everyday in Anthropology? (25 pages)

Ries, N. (2002). “Anthropology and the Everyday, from Comfort to Terror.” New Literary History33(4): 725-742.
Stewart, K. (2011). “Atmospheric Attunements. Environment and Planning.” D: Society and Space (29): 445–453.
What is Pop Culture? (42 pages)

Fedorak, S. (2009). “Part I: Introduction to Popular Culture.” In Pop Culture: the Culture of Everyday Life. Pp. 1-22. University of Toronto Press.
Becker, H. (2012). “Anthropology and the Study of Popular Culture: A Perspective from the Southern Tip of Africa.” Research in African Literatures43(4), 17-37.

Pop Culture and Everyday Life (31 pages)

Storey, J. (2014). “Popular Cultures and Everyday Life in Cultural Studies.” In From Popular Culture to Everyday Life. Pp. 1-13. Routledge.
Waskul, D. & Vannini, P. (Eds.). (2015). “Introduction. Popular Culture as Everyday Life.” In Popular Culture as Everyday Life. Pp. 1-18. Routledge.