Anthropogenic Climate Change – Politics of Climate Change

Summarize the evidence that the Earth is warming, and that this is caused largely by human activity.  What are two main counterarguments offered by skeptics, and why are the skeptics likely to be wrong?  Cite both readings (as “Dessler and Parson 2010” and “Beck 2006”, without the quotation marks), with page numbers.– Dessler and Parson 2010, 7-17, 61-96, 102-09 – Beck 2006, 1-8
paper must be at least 450 words long (1.5 standard pages) and have at least 6 citations.  This is low-stakes writing.  You will get credit for the paper as long as you answer the questions for that assignment, using and citing the readings specified at least 6 times per paper (with page numbers, in author-date format).