Format: This paper needs to have five double-spaced pages of text (in 12-pt. type), with numbered pages. In addition to those five full pages, you should have a title page with a title and your name, and a references cited page with the sources you have cited in your paper (whether from or beyond the course syllabus). For references, please follow this style guide: .
Content: Discuss what you have learned about the ways in which theorists have responded to their specific social and historical contexts as they have tried to understand social life, and how that shapes the possibilities and limits for applying (and perhaps combining) particular theoretical lenses beyond those contexts. Cite examples from at least four of the authors we have read so far in this course in your discussion, and feel free to cite additional sources. This paper, then, is about how theoretical lenses enable you to notice particular aspects of social life and how they may be focused on some dimensions of social life and miss or minimize others. What do they emphasize? How can that be helpful? What kinds of problems or dimensions of social life do you think they would be less helpful in understanding?

Messages from student: 

She said we could use any of the readings we previously used on the other paper but only 4 are required. I will upload 6 and you can choose what to use. If you use all 6 please provide 6 cites. If you use 4 only provide 4 cites. 

It requires a title page I will take care of that. Thank you.