Antibias Holiday Policy

Learning Outcome 
1. Describe and discuss in the written assignment behaviors and attitudes thatdemonstrate the need to respect and support the child, recognizing and acceptingthe influence of family, community and culture. 
2. Demonstrate professional attitudes toward teaching in written assignments howcommunication with colleagues and staff which aid in the development of his/her ownteaching skills, i.e., seeking resource persons, accepting new assignments, attendingprogram meetings. 
3. Identify his/her own teaching strengths and weaknesses in all written assignments. 
Many early childhood programs include holiday curriculum. If the approach to holidays isrooted in antibias principles, holidays can present the opportunity to support the childrensculture, values and connections to their community as well as expose children to thecultural diversity of their world. The intent of this paper is for the student to begin to reflecton their own experiences and bias, nurture young childrens self-awareness, family prideand positive identities. 
In the following paper: 
1. Write the report. 
Your report should be typed, double- space, Times New Roman, font size 12-point and 2to 3 pages in length. It must include the following: 
1. A cover sheet with: 
i. Your name 
ii. Title of paper 
iii. Course Name 
iv. Professors Name 
v. Due Date 
2. You will address your own expectations and experiences with holidays andcelebrations by sharing the answers to some of the following questions: 
a. When you were a child what holidays were important in your family? 
b. What pleasures did they bring? What stress was felt? 
c. Did your school observe and reflect your familys holiday traditions? 
d. What concerns and/or appeals to you about ways holidays are included inearly childhood programs? 
3. Identify ways that an antibias approach to holidays and celebrations in yourclassroom will include children instead of excluding them. 
4. Discuss the difference between learning about holidays vs. everyone celebratingthem. 
5. Create a written statement describing what role holidays play in your curriculumthat will be shared with families in your class. 
Additional Resources