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Your Favorite Artist: Investigate a Major Artist’s Life and Three of Their Great ArtworksChose an artist to write about that you find interesting. Additionally, that artist’s work should be well known enough that you can easily find scholarly articles about them when you search , or when you look in digital book collection library listings. Write a brief biography of your chosen artist’s life, then discuss THREE of their artworks in detail. This discussion can address how similar the artworks are, or it can be more of a compare and contrast, discussing the differences between phases in the artist’s work. This must also be based on your historical research, complete with footnotes. Finally, write a conclusion paragraph about how you feel about the artist and their work.
Your paper must be written in:Times New Roman12 pointBlackDouble-spacedOne-inch margins
t must contain:At least 5 pages of content (1250 words, not including cover page or bibliography)A cover pagePage numbers in the upper right cornerChicago style bibliographyChicago style footnotesAt least 8 sources in your bibliographyExcellent spelling and grammarNo copy/paste plagiarism. Be certain to put all information into your own words, then cite every source with a footnote.QUESTION: HOW DO I HANDLE QUOTES?Direct quotes: Word for word from the source, and clearly indicated by quotation marks may not be more than 10% of your paperIndirect quotes: Information that you learned from a source and rewrote into your own words must also be clearly identified with a footnote reference at the end of every sentence.