Any topic (writer’s choice)

evaluate the essay, and answer the question, thank you
YES/NO Questions:
1. Does your essay have a title2. Does your introduction paragraph have a “hook” or lead that is related to your main topic?3. Is your introduction structured like an inverted pyramid?4. Do you provide background information for your reader to understand the context and/or what is at stake in your main topic?5. Do you have a thesis statement?      i.  is it clearly stated?     ii. does it contain the reasons why your claim is true?    iii. does it give your readers a clear picture of what your essay is about?Revision activities:
1) If you answered “NO” to any of the above, please explain how you could fix each of the issues.
2) Re-write your thesis statement so that it meets the requirements discussed in the video lesson and does a better job of stating your main claim and foreshadowing the reasons you will discuss. Do this even if you answered “yes” to question #5 above.
3) Optional: Re-write your entire introduction paragraph to include your proposed improvements (question 1) and your improved thesis statement (question 2)