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The exam consists of five (5) long essay questions. Questions require a response minimum of twoparagraphs.Directions:Refer to the Unit Readings, specifically the Textbook Chapters, Unit Lectures, readings &resources and credible sources from the Library or the internet to support your responses.Research the information and paraphrase your response to the question with cited academicdata. The APA process is required and is important that students correctly identify scholarlysources. Do not cut and paste – Safe Assign is used to prevent plagiarism.It is highly advisable to first answer the questions in a Word document and then copy and pasteinto the examQuestions1. Many organizations are changing the focus of Human Resources, even going so far as to changethe name of the function. In the middle part of last century, the term Human ResourceManagement started to replace the notion of the Personnel Department. Now, the terms arebeing rebranded again to titles such as the following: Vice President of People; Head ofAssociate Experience, Chief Experience Officer; Chief Talent Officer or even Chief HappinessOfficer. What do these title changes say about the direction of Human Resources? Has thefocus of what HR does changed or have we merely changed the wording? Provide sources toreinforce your opinion.2. It is said that employee engagement is a critical factor in the long term success of anorganization. In our readings we covered some important benefits of employee engagement.Answer the following questions:i. Why is employee engagement so important for an organization? Name somebenefits to having engaged employees and provide your reasoning as to whythis is important. Provide outside sources to support your choice of benefits tohaving engaged employees.ii. Is employee engagement important in all types of organizations or might it bemore important to some than others? Explain your answer and providereference-supported justification.iii. What is HRs role in creating & fostering employee engagement?3. Determining proper compensation is an important component of an organizations rewardstructure. Traditionally, compensation determination involved getting an accurate idea of ajobs duties and requirements. Outline the steps needed to do this in an organization and whythis is important. Make sure you use outside sources to back up yourpoints.4. Often, when talking about the concept of Equal Pay critics cite statistics that indicate thatwomen earn (approximately) $.79 for every dollar a man makes. Look into this further bylooking at the concept of adjusted versus unadjusted pay gap analysis. Would that make adifference in how we look at the concept of pay differences between genders? Look atexternal sources to support your opinion.5. This question has two parts.What do we mean by Diversity in the workplace? A complete definition is required.Provide an example of a company committed to Diversity. What are they doing thatproves that this is an important initiative for them and, most importantly, why do theyfeel it is important? List the major business reasons for their choice. Use outsideresearch to substantiate your conclusions