Any topic (writer’s choice)

Clearly and concisely answer the following four items. Each answer should be no more than 200 words.
1) Describe the demographics of the population served at your current field agency. Be certain to include the age range (i.e., 16yo-25yo or 30yo-50yo etc.) of the population served. Field agency name is called warm nights shelter Beltsville MD. Goggle and get the demographics of the population served
2) Describe your interest OR experience in BEHAVIORAL HEALTH, MENTAL HEALTH, and/or SUBSTANCE ABUSE. My interest is addiction in mental health
3) briefly describe your assigned responsibilities in your current field placement. Make certain to identify and explain any special projects. My assigned responsibilitieswas doing intake and facilitate IOP/OP groups
4) As a social work intern practicing in a behavioral health, mental health, or substance abuse setting, what do you believe are the responsibilities you would have for the client’s well-being? How would you hope to meet those responsibilities?