Any topic (writer’s choice)

Please answer the following questions relating to the reading attached . (below as PDF)
1. Briefly summarize the author’s central argument. *
2. What scholarly contribution does the author claim to be making? *
3. Describe the methodology used (i.e. single or comparative case study analysis, historiography and archival work, large-N cross-case analysis, etc.).*
4. Briefly evaluate the method(s) used (i.e. Why was it effective/ not effective? Would another methodological approach have been more appropriate? Does the authors methods introduce potential bias? Were you satisfied with how author measured/operationalized key variables?) *
5. Was the authors central argument sufficiently supported by the empirical evidence and analysis provided? Briefly explain. *
6. What about this article was particularly effective and/or ineffective? Briefly explain. Also note if there was anything missing from the article (i.e. key explanations, pieces of evidence, analysis, Not Applicable (NA) etc.). *
7. Provide two questions for class discussion based on this article. *
Make sure to answer each question separately and thoroughly.*It does not have to be in an essay format*