Any topic (writer’s choice)

Part one Watch award-winning film, Flirt and answer supplied questions bellow

After watching Flirt, answer supplied questions below ONCE.
1)  Who is the protagonist?
2) Who is the antagonist?
3)  What is the central conflict?
4)  Write this film in a one sentence log line.
Part 2See instructions below.
Mes (script writing )
Read Gurskis, pp. 94-95
Where the Story Begins (supplied)
Loglines (supplied) this one is attached in the file( check file to find this reading)
Sample Loglines SAMPLESTUDENTLOGLINES.pdf  for this pdf check file to find it.
Also there is sample off student check in the file
Than do the assignments
Write (TYPED ONLY) a log line for your proposed Project #1 Script. See rules and sample exercises for reference.