Write a short evaluation paper on something simple, like your favorite restaurant food (for example, a sandwich), pizza, a TV show episode, household product, or a popular song.
When you write your evaluation, make sure you describe what you are evaluating. For example, if you are evaluating the fish sandwich at McDonald’s describe it as clearly as you can. Next, state your judgment. For instance, if the sandwich is terrible, then that is your judgment though you should state it in more formal terms. The judgment is your thesis statement or claim. Next, you should provide reasons and evidence to support your claim. This is where you need to identify criteria for the evaluation. If your criteria for evaluating a fish sandwich are quality of the fish used in the sandwich and the price, then you would base your evaluation on those factors. Since this is a short paper, you will want to limit the criteria you use in this paper to two. To close out the paper, you should acknowledge other opinions. In the fish sandwich case, you might mention how some people like the Burger King fish sandwich (whatever it is called), but you can refute this by demonstrating its weakness. Finally, close by restating the claim.