Application of Renewable Material&Energy to Transgenic Crops and Bioeconomy Influences

Students will be required to write one paper for this class to discuss a science topic related to the first unit of the course (Generation of transgenic plants) with language that can be comprehended by an entry-level university student (First year). Students can choose to write about a specific GMO case, engineering plant biomass, or a specific technique. This paper aims for the student to take a somewhat complicated topic and explain it within a layman setting.

Two review papers can help you choose your topic. I strongly suggest that you read one of the following papers to choose the research paper that you will be focusing on:
Lisanne de Vries et al., 2021. Tailoring renewable materials via plant biotechnology. Tailoring renewable materials via plant biotechnology.pdf  Download Tailoring renewable materials via plant biotechnology.pdf 
Brandon and Scheller, 2020. Engineering of Bioenergy Crops: Dominant Genetic Approaches to Improve Polysaccharide Properties and Composition in Biomass. Engineering of Bioenergy Crops.pdf  Download Engineering of Bioenergy Crops.pdf 
After you read the review paper and based on your topic of interest, choose one of the research papers that are referenced on them.
Both members of the lab group can choose the same paper, help each other to understand and discuss the paper. Then, each member writes their own paper.
The length of the paper is between 2500 words of quality writing.