An argument exists for the purpose of convincing the audience to believe a position, accept certain logic, and allow offered evidence. The term means, “a reasoned attempt to convince the audience to accept a particular point of view about a debatable topic.” 
The argument must be rational and not rely on emotion and logical fallacies while supporting a topic that is debatable and has at least two sides. What is debatable you ask? Concepts, questions, decisions. What isn’t debatable are facts and logical evidence. Gravity. The winner of the 1988 World Series. My Grandma’s chicken nuggets being incredible. 
Also, in essay form an argument should explore two sides, give a direct endorsement of one side or another (pick a side!), and have at least two direct examples used as evidence. These become your body paragraphs. However, you only need to respond in a few sentences here. 

CLICK HERE to download “Does the Internet Make You Dumber?” by Nicholas Carr (Links to an external site.) (Google the title if you have trouble)
Read what you just encountered (it’s a short article)
Answer the following questions by typing into the text box or uploading a document. Answer with at least a few sentences minimum but feel free to rant. 

Q1: What is Carr’s argument here? What is the evidence that he provides to support his argument? 
Q2: Is Carr’s evidence scientific? Are you sure? Does he back up his argument with data and facts that prove his ideas have truth? Give specific examples. One’s that are specific.  
Q3: Do you agree with Carr in this opinion article? Why or why not? Also give an example from your life or mind that supports your opinion on the topic.