Argumentative Essay

Essay #4 Prompt
For this final essay, which must contain 900-1,100 words in a Times New Roman, 12-point font, you have one prompt:
Taking into consideration our four VICE magazine articles, frame an argument that involves the selection you liked the most and the one you disliked. This argument, of course, can include your thoughts on the authors writing styles, the organization of a particular article, the examples provided, and, if you wish, how their theories and beliefs apply to your own lives. 
Also, when you are composing your thesis statement (i.e., argument) concerning the two pieces you are comparing and contrasting, remember that you must take a clear-cut position on them. In other words, once more, either one of the articles is presenting a stronger argument (or is better written) than the other, or both of the readings are equally effective pieces (in their own specific ways).
The Pandemic Let Us Exist Without Being Perceived. Some Dont Want That to End by Nana Baah

The Fan of the Fans by Ian Moore

Canada May Have Found a Back Door to End the War on Drug by Travis Lupick

Giving Away the Bomb by Matthew Gault


Include at least two quotations from each source
Directly compare-contrast your two sources in at least one paragraph
Properly identify your speaker and provide an energetic signal phrase

If you are applying an indirect source for an opponents views (i.e., requoting), then begin the parenthetical citation with qtd. in.  
Avoid using the following pronouns: you and we.

Links to the 4 Sources: