Argumentative Essay

Whatever our position, we are called upon to present reasons for our
claims. This is exactly what you will be doing in this formal argumentative essay: making a claim and
backing it up with researchable reasons.   

As a reminder, your claim cannot be a personal opinion, an inarguable fact, or a based on
personal religious/spiritual faith (Norton 170).

These are not claims that you can prove or disprove with
impartial evidence. You will present your argument along with any counter arguments necessary to
make your conclusion well-founded and trustworthy. To be arguable, a position must reflect on at least
two points of view. 

Manuscript format & length: Three pages (not including works cited page), in standard MLA format,
i.e. standard 12-point font, double spaced, proper heading, etc

Remember that you must present both sides of the argument in order to fulfill this assignment.
The counter argument does not have to be a large portion of your paper, but it must be present in
order to show that you have a grasp on the material and understand why you are arguing the
point you have chosen