Aristotle and Nicomachean Ethics

nswer the following questions as completely as possible. Your answer to these questions should be at least two paragraphs in length (approx. 250 words):
Aristotle believed that by rational deliberation one could secure the greater part of happiness through the exercise of virtue. Choose a virtue and analyze it in terms of Aristotle’s ethical philosophy. I will be looking for an explanation of the virtue and what it consists of, an explanation of its excessive form, an explanation of its deficient form, and an example of how one might choose the virtuous path in relation to your chosen virtue and to some situation drawn from life. DO NOT CHOOSE “COURAGE” OR “TEMPERANCE” FOR YOUR VIRTUE.
Once you have completed your post, you will be able to see other students’ responses. Select at least two posts to reply to and write thoughtful responses to both of them (each reply should be at least one paragraph in length). Do not simply say “I agree!” or “Good point!” Minimal responses will not receive credit.
In your replies to other students, you may do any of the following: ask questions about the post, answer questions posed in the post, expand on the post’s comments, share relevant web links, or offer an alternative viewpoint. This list is not exhaustive, so don’t hesitate to be creative in your replies. Be sure to stay on topic, however!
NOTE: Plagiarized posts will receive a zero for the assignment. Repeated offenses will cause you to fail the course. Do not copy the words or ideas of other people without proper credit and citation.