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ARHS 2002: Art and Society: Early Christian to Early Modern
Film Assignment
Students will be required to watch the film “Hieronymus Bosch: Touched by the Devil” (Hannon Library, DVD #7734).  This film will not only introduce you to the northern artist, Hieronymus Bosch, but will also demonstrate the complexities of attributing works to a particular painter.  The film documents the preparation for a contemporary exhibition of Bosch’s works, and the ensuing difficulties that are involved in bringing together multiple works from different museums that sometimes have conflicting interests.
A link has been provided to access this film.  You can use the regular class time on Nov. 11 to watch the film or you can watch it when it is convenient for you prior to that class time.  Please note: we will not meet for class on Nov. 11.  In conjunction with viewing this film, you will be required to respond to the questions below.  This question sheet will be due prior to class on Nov. 16.  Listen carefully to the film and you should be able to answer all of the following questions.
1. Describe a method for dating a painting (using the back side of a painting) that is explained in the film.
2. What do you think might be a problem with that method of dating?
3. Why does the team from the Netherlands want to examine all of the paintings attributed to Bosch?
4. Why does the curator in Madrid suggest that fires are commonly represented in Bosch paintings.
5. What is one reason why The Haywain was attributed to another artist (other than Bosch)?
6. What is the message of The Haywain?
7. In the triptych that the team examines initially in Venice (the one that depicts Saint Uncumber or Wiligefortis), what interests them on the face of the female saint?
8. How does the team from the Netherlands succeed in getting the loan of the paintings at the Accademia in Venice?
9. A close examination of the Carrying of the Cross reveals similarities in the eyes of some figures.  What is that similarity?
10. How is the man leading the carrying of the cross depicted as a hostile person in the sixteenth century?
11. What temptation is depicted in the Death and the Miser?
12. How did Bosch change the bag of money in the final version?
13. In the painting of St. Anthony, what are some of the details that the team examines in relation to other paintings associated with Bosch?
14. What does the team conclude about the painting in Kansas City?